NEW! MASD educator grant applications accepted on a rolling basis

Awards up to $300.00

Applications are Available HERE.

The members of the Moon Township Garden Club are excited to offer our community a new
opportunity to expand learning experiences in the classroom. We are offering an educational
grant ($300.00) to several members of the Moon Area School District staff to plan a hands-on
project which studies the wonders and beauty of nature. Projects may include studies in the
fields of Biology, Botany, Ecology, Entomology, Environmental Concerns/Sciences, Green
Architecture/ Engineering, Microbiology, Wildlife Science, Zoology, and/or other related or
allied subjects.

Students will have the chance to work and investigate natural phenomena that
may spark a future interest/love in studying nature.

Project Requirements:

  • Applicants for the Moon Township Garden Club Educator Grant must:
  • Be an educator in the Moon Area School District
  • Plan a project that takes place on the school grounds, but may include fieldwork
  • Complete the attached application form
  • Provide a complete description of project by including the following:
    • Summary of the project.
    • Lesson plan which includes Objectives and Standards
    • Lessons must be Research or Inquiry Based
    • Grade or age level of the student group for which the program is designed
    • The estimated cost of the project
    • Method of Evaluation
  • Prepare a summary and/or video at the conclusion of the project which will be shared
  • with the members of the Moon Township Garden Club.
  • Electronically submit the applications to Mrs. Canan at
  • At the conclusion of the project, submit the total costs incurred, along with receipts to Mrs. Canan at

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