Community Involvement

Over 100 years of service

Fleur de Lune Garden at Robin Hill Park

Since establishing the Fleur de Lune Garden in 2016, the garden continues to grow in popularity with the community. On any given day, photographers, families, pet walkers, and casual strollers can be seen admiring the garden.

The Fleur de Lune offers its visitors a variety of visual landscapes. The hillside gardens are especially attractive and beckon the bees, butterflies, and birds. Passing guests converse around the raised beds about the fragrant flowers, medicinal herbs, and culinary plants growing there. Benches are strategically placed so the garden can be admired from every angle.

Each year the MTGC, in collaboration with Moon Township Department of Public Works, strives to improve and enhance this beautiful garden. The Fleur de Lune garden committee meets at the garden once a week from May-October. These volunteers are responsible for designing, planting, watering, mulching, and weeding.

In 2023, the garden committee plans to continue their work towards a Pollinator Garden certification through Penn State and establish a backyard habitat with the guidance and eventual certification through the Audubon Society. A third certification as a Wildlife Habitat is also planned.

In addition, Fleur de Lune volunteers are exploring the possibility of creating a ‘rock stream’ in the native plant area. This year welcomes a new community outreach program in conjunction with the Youth Activities Committee for some special summer fun!

The Fleur de Lune Committee is an ambitious one with the primary goal of enhancing this ‘secret garden’, welcoming all who enter!


In October, the Youth Committee supports the Moon Township Parks and Recreation Department’s Spooktacular event at Moon Park. The Club hands out treats to children while advertising our Club’s activities.

MTGC 3rd Annual Plant Give-Away and Plant Exchange

The Civic, Horticulture, and Environmental Committee is expanding upon their popular plant giveaway this year to include a plant exchange for community members and MTGC members. See flyer HERE.

The goal is not only to share information about gardening with the public, but also to share plants from the member’s gardens with each other and the Moon community. The giveaway portion of the event will include vegetables and flowers grown from seed by MTGC members as well as native plants collected from members’ own gardens.

Information will be available on both the growing needs of these plants and the importance of growing native plants. The plant exchange will be open to community members and club members, who may bring extra plants from their gardens to trade with their neighbors.