Community Projects

Fleur de Lune Garden

The Fleur de Lune Garden at Robin Hill has grown from its origin as a tennis court to an accessible and beautiful green space for the community. 

The raised beds feature an abundance of medicinal, fragrant and culinary herbs and plants.  The pollinator garden features a 20 foot caterpillar made using slabs of tree trunks and chicken wire.  It is composed of ground covers, succulents and mosses and beckons spectators and butterflies alike! 

The native plant hillside garden is guarded by two deer topiaries that were designed and constructed by garden club members using various wood pieces and mosses.  The hillside garden is home to many spring bulbs and plants and is especially beautiful in early spring and late fall.  The newest garden, the sensory garden, is designed to encourage visitor to touch and smell the exotic plants that comprise this garden. 

A new shade garden is the latest project of the MTGC.  It will feature various large and small leafed hostas, a white trillium ground cover, woodland ferns, variegated liliope and ornamental grasses.  A pathway will lead to a memorial bench in honor of our dear friend Judy Hays.