Program Schedule – 2022

Programming Theme: In Touch with Nature

Every month, our members are treated an expert-led educational program and luncheon. Topics include gardening, design, environment/conservation, and field trips.

PLEASE NOTE: All meetings are on the second Wednesday of the month at the Robin Hill Center main building. Program start time is 11am unless otherwise noted. Please be present and seated by 11am.

Guests are welcome at these meetings if they first contact a current member or the membership chairman Judy Packer.

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NOTE: These are the programs planned for the year.  Please be advised that the activities/times may change depending on the Covid 19 pandemic situation.  Members will be notified through the newsletter or email if and when changes occur.  

Robin Hill Center: Back in Touch with Each OtherMarch 10The President and Officers provide a club overview for the year.
Robin Hill Center: Providing for NatureApril 13, 11AM-1:30PM
SPEAKER: Doug Canan
TOPIC: Planning your Pollinator Garden for Certification

This discussion will outline the requirements to certify your garden through Penn State Extension (PSE) as a pollinator-friendly garden. Pollinators are endangered by urbanization, invasive plants, and increased use of herbicides and pesticides and general destruction of habitat. Recovering or dedicating just a small portion of your garden to the well-being of pollinators is a great start to contributing to pollinator recovery. Using the PSE certification outline as a guide, you may be surprised to learn just how much your garden is helping butterflies, bees and birds.
Robin Hill Center: Cultural Study of NatureMay 11, 11A-1PSPEAKER: Corinna Garcia-Skorpenski
TOPIC: Mi idioma, Mi comida, Mi cultura

Corinna will focus on herbs, grans and vegetables she uses in her food and decor. She will also talk about her language and culture including music, dance and attire. If time and space permit, she will teach us a Mexican dance.
Robin Hill Center: Cooking with NatureJune 8, 11A-1PSPEAKER: Jose and Katy Rosa
TOPIC: Improve Your Health with a Plant-based Diet

Are you interested in a healthier diet that positively impacts the environment? Moving to a plant-based diet can help heal your gut, increase your energy, reduce pain and inflammation and improve your immune system. Environmentally, plant-based foods minimize agricultural land and water use and decrease pollution while helping biodiversity thrive. Jose and Katy will explain the benefits of a plant-based diet and their journey to create “Everest Eats,” a company that delivers satisfying and flavorful foods.
FIELD TRIP to Daylily Valley Farm, Baden, PA: Observing NatureJuly 13, TIME TBDGUIDE: Stacy Chalupiak
Members will meet at Robin Hill (time tbd) and carpool to the Daylily Valley Farm to enjoy strolling the grassy pathways while viewing over 500 varieties of field-grown hybrid daylilies. The farm is full sun, so bring a hat, sunscreen and wear your walking shoes! Ms. Chalupiak will take daylily orders for future pickup.
Robin Hill Center: Beautifying with NatureAugust 10, 11A-1PMTOPIC: Natural Skincare-Age Defying Beauty
SPEAKER: Tina Ernst

Learn the basics of natural organic skincare and identify the top plants to help skin age gracefully. Tina will review the top six plants that support skincare and inspire us with the benefits of pure plant ingredients.
Robin Hill Center: Asking about NatureSeptember 14, 11A-1PSPEAKER: Gwen Lutz
TOPIC: Go Ahead and Ask

Have your questions ready to “Ask Gwen,” who believes there is never a bad question. Gwen Lutz has written the book A Country Garden: Observations and Advice from Both Sides of the Garden Gate which shares her personal thoughts, stories, and experiences. The book will be available for purchase.
Robin Hill Center: Spicing it up with NatureOctober 12, 11A-1PSPEAKER: Andrea Jackson
TOPIC: Herbs from the Witch’s Garden

As the days lengthen and the shadows deepen, it is time to think about the magic and mystery in the garden. Listen and learn about witches’ brews and perhaps concoct a spell or two of your own!
Robin Hill Center: Tips for Working with NatureNovember 9, 11A-1PMSPEAKER: Master Gardners: Sallie Adams, Fran Lopinsky, Judy Packer
TOPIC: Master Gardeners Present Gardening Tips

Three of our Certified Master Gardeners share their gardening knowledge by acquainting you with various mulching techniques, harvesting methods, and planting challenges.
Montour Heights Country Club: MTGC Members Holiday LuncheonDecember 14, 11:30amCelebrate the season and a year of growth during this member’s only event.