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Date Event

Mar 18-Apr 16 Phipps Flower Show
April 12 *Monthly Meeting: Planting with PittMoss
April 22 National Earth Day
April 23 Moon Twp Earth Day Celebration
April 28 National Arbor Day
May 4 World Migratory Bird Day
May 10 *Monthly Meeting: Field Trip @ PGH Botanic Garden
May 13 Plant Giveaway at Moon Park
June 4-10 National Garden Week
June 14 *Monthly Meeting: The World of Beatrix Potter
June 24 MTGC Garden Tour 2023
July 12 *Monthly Meeting: Pressed Flower Creations
July 29-30 Buffalo, NY Garden Walk
August 9 *Monthly Meeting: TBA
August 16 Interactive Family Event 5-8pm Moon Park Rotary Shelter
Sept. 13 *Monthly Meeting: Field Trip @ Beechwood Farms
Sept. TBA *Bow Making Workshop
October 11 *Monthly Meeting: Walking the Camino
October 18 Moon Parks & Rec Spooktakular
Oct 23-.27 *Artificial Greens Workshop
Nov. 8 *Monthly Meeting: Recycling & Beyond!
Nov. 15 *Bird Seed Wreath Workshop pt.1
Nov. 22 *Bird Seed Wreath Workshop pt.2
Nov. 27-30 *Fresh Greens Workshop
Dec. 1 *Holiday Greens Shoppe Set up day
Dec. 2 Holiday Greens & Gifts Sale
Dec. 13 *Monthly Meeting: Holiday Luncheon