2019-Garden Tour highlights

Six individual gardens featured in the 2019 MTGC Tour show the power of what the outdoors, planting and gardens do for the gardeners and their guests.  This year brought a view of passion, dedication and creativity.  Favorite were the various sitting areas.  Some secluded some open and airy but all welcoming.  Water features and fishContinue reading “2019-Garden Tour highlights”

Experiment with seeds…

In April these Girl Scouts completed Step 4 – Experiment with Seeds.  On ther way to their Gardening Badge.  Here they are planting flower seeds in egg cartons.  This simple and handy while recycling those egg cartons!  It is a win-win for gardening and the environment! Step 5 and final step will be planting theirContinue reading “Experiment with seeds…”

Saving Vegetable Seeds by Helene Demels

Seeds from my Garden Asparagus Cut the ferns with berries from the female plants and allow them to dry a few days in the field or inside. Soak berries and remove “skins”. Place the seeds on a paper towel to cure and dry for a week before storing. Bean Pods are ready for harvest whenContinue reading “Saving Vegetable Seeds by Helene Demels”

Saving Flower Seeds by Helene Demels

Seeds from my Garden The seeds of almost all flowers are ORTHODOX that is they are best dried well and stored in sealed containers at 34 to 41 degrees.  Alyssum  Hand pick the flower heads when brown and they begin to dry. Spread the heads on screens to dry, with sheets beneath to capture theContinue reading “Saving Flower Seeds by Helene Demels”

Saving Herb Seeds by Helene Demels

Borage Each fruit contains four nutlets. Harvest the dried flower heads by hand. Spread the dried heads on screens to dry further, then thresh or rub to remove the seeds. Oregano The perfect flowers are arranged in complex clusters. Seed collection:  Harvest the clusters to dry. Spread on a screen to dry further, then threshContinue reading “Saving Herb Seeds by Helene Demels”

Seeds From My Garden by Helene Demels

To Obtain the Best Results with Your Garden Seeds Store only thoroughly dried seeds. Don’t allow seeds to become damp after the initial drying. Keep the storage temperature as low as possible. Keep the storage area as dry as possible, especially if the temperature is below freezing. Label all containers with variety, date, and anyContinue reading “Seeds From My Garden by Helene Demels”