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Greens & Things December 4th 2021

Holiday spirit is alive and well at the Robin Hill Center. Many hours of creative action, are taking place right now with just weeks till the sale. A great time for our members to help with each other’s creations, ask for or offer ribbon or an object to add to a wreath or swag, or centerpiece. You can see above the start of what we do to bring this tradition to life. Greens and Things kicks off the Holiday season for our members and for our returning customers who are also looking forward to the sale.

Don’t forget the money we make on the sale goes for philanthropic efforts in the community. Join the fun at the sale to get a touch of Spirit for the season. Look for decorations to help with the Joy of the season while helping the community too!

Community activities, Garden Tour

2019-Garden Tour highlights

Six individual gardens featured in the 2019 MTGC Tour show the power of what the outdoors, planting and gardens do for the gardeners and their guests.  This year brought a view of passion, dedication and creativity.  Favorite were the various sitting areas.  Some secluded some open and airy but all welcoming.  Water features and fish swimming were enjoyed by the 150 garden tour guests.  

Many thanks to the home owners for opening their gardens and to the guests for supporting the outreach efforts of the Moon Township Garden Club.  Funds raised from this event, and all paid events, go to a scholarship fund as philanthropic efforts in gardening and environmental projects.  

Community activities

Experiment with seeds…

In April these Girl Scouts completed Step 4 – Experiment with Seeds.  On ther way to their Gardening Badge.  Here they are planting flower seeds in egg cartons.  This simple and handy while recycling those egg cartons!  It is a win-win for gardening and the environment!
Step 5 and final step will be planting their garden in May.  Keep up the good work Scouts!