Fern Hollow Nature Center, Aug meeting

Members of the MTGC spent an enjoyable and educational morning touring  the Fern Hollow Nature Center.  Photos below give an idea of the grounds adjacent to the buildings.  There are trails and creeks to explore as well.  The large leaf magnolia tree was an unusual find for at least this writer.  The tree dwarfs 3 members standing in front of the impressive tree.

In the Education center we learned about bees that do not have hives and do not make honey!  Each of us made a  colorful “bee hotel”.  Early next Spring these go outdoors to foster growth and care of these pollinators to help our gardens.  Another great day with those interested in crafts, the environment and community.

With the end of the calendar year approaching this is an exciting time for the Garden Club. The Greens Sale is scheduled for December 1.  The workshops are a combination of creativity, friends, wire twisting, hot glue guns, ribbon making and…. so much more.  We look forward to the workshops and the great sale event at Robin Hill.

Here are more photos of the Fern Hollow Nature Center meeting:




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