Girl Scout Troop #52176

In September, 2017, Junior Girl Scout Troop #52176 toured the Fleur de Lune Garden at Robin Hill in Moon Twp. This was the first step in preparation to earn their Girl Scout Gardening Badge.  What a fun group of 4th grade girls!  Thank you to Bonnie Keen, Merrianne Cacali, Hope Withee, and Teresa Rees for making this happen.  We look forward to helping with the other steps in the process.
The steps to earning the Gardening Badge are:
Step 1 Visit a Garden If the place where you meet has a garden or pretty landscaping, take a tour and observe how the flowers are planted and spaces, how color is used, and how height is factored in.
Step 2 Explore Garden Design
Step 3 Learn How to Choose Garden Plants After a place has been selected to garden, have the girls create their visions. Give them pencil and paper to plan, and look in the catalogs for what will grow in your area. Tropical plants will not do well in the Northwest and plants that need shade will not do well in an open field that gets direct sunlight all day long. Then they can cut out pictures and paste them in the appropriate spots.
Step 4 Experiment With Seeds For this step, you will need: Egg Cartons Potting Soil Seeds Garden Shovels Newspaper Cup for water Pencil for poking holes Lay out the newspaper so clean up is easy. Follow the guidelines in the Junior Girl Scout Guide Book to complete this step. You can also find many kinds of seed planting charts for kids online.
Step 5 Grow Your Own Garden The easiest way to complete this step is to plant a garden for someone or some organization. It is a great way to get outdoors with your troop!
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