Saving Flower Seeds by Helene Demels

Seeds from my Garden

The seeds of almost all flowers are ORTHODOX that is they are best dried well and stored in sealed containers at 34 to 41 degrees. 

  1. Alyssum  Hand pick the flower heads when brown and they begin to dry. Spread the heads on screens to dry, with sheets beneath to capture the seeds. Rub gently to remove the seeds.
  2. Aster Hand pick the seed heads when brown. Spread the heads on screen to dry.
  3. Begonia The fruit is dehiscent capsule. Harvest the capsules as they begin to dry then spread them on a screen to dry further. Rub to remove the seeds.
  4. Bell Flower Fruit is a dehiscent capsule. Harvest before the capsules shed their seeds. Dry on a screen with a sheet beneath.
  5. Bells of Ireland The showy part of this plant is the Calyx( the external part of the flower. The seeds are in the collection of four nutlets nestled within the base of the calyx. Seeds are ready for harvest when the nutlets are dry.
  6. Columbine Fruits are many-seeded follicle. Harvest the heads as soon as they are somewhat but not fully dry, as they will shatter at the later stage. The seeds should be dark green to almost black when harvesting begins.
  7. Cone Flower The fruits are four-angled achenes. Harvest the flower heads when they are dried.
  8. Four-O’Clock The leathery fruit contains one seed. Harvest as they dry.
  9. Foxglove The fruit is a capsule, collect the capsules by hand as they mature.
  10. Geranium Collect the capsules when they have dried on the plants. Dry them further in a paper bag.
  11. Lilly of the Valley Fruits are many-seeded red or orange berries ¼ inch in diameter. Harvest them by hand once they have turned bright red and have softened.
  12. Love in a Mist The fruit is an inflated capsule containing many seeds dispersed through an opening at the top. Harvest as the fruits dry and shake out the seed.
  13. Marigold Harvest the seeds when the individual flower heads dry brown. Seed is easily rubbed from the head.
  14. Morning Glory The fruit is a globe-shaped capsule usually containing about six large seeds with very hard coats. Harvest the fruits when they are dry and break open the capsule to obtain the seeds.
  15. Pansy Handpick the fruit capsules as they mature. Put the closed capsules in a box covered with cloth as they dry, the seeds will be ejected.
  16. Periwinkle The fruit is a narrow cylindrical follicle containing 15 to about 30 seeds. Hand pick when brown and place on a  screen to dry.
  17. Poppy The fruit is a many-sided cone shaped pod three to four inches long. Harvest the fruit when the capsules turn a light brown before the seeds shatter.
  18. Snow on the Mountain The fruit is a small capsule containing usually 3 seeds. Harvest the fruits and extract the seeds when mature.
  19. Sunflower Harvest the heads when ACHENES (seeds) are dark colored and begin to rub off easily. Store in sealed containers.

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