Monthly meeting and speakers

April 2016 updates

Fascinating Audobon speaker after our April luncheon

Our group was quite attentive during the presentation by Scott Detwiler, an environmental educator with the Audobon Society of Western PA. Scott discussed Monarchs, their lifecycle, migration patterns, habitat, and changes in the plant hardiness zones among other topics. Scott mentioned multiple ways to get involved and introduced us to organizations that are working to help the Monarch. You can plant the swamp milkweed seeds handed out at the meeting (grows in regular garden soil!), you can visit Monarch Watch to learn about rearing Monarchs, creating a monarch waystation, growing milkweed, and explore a glorious collection of other information and resources. You can also visit Journey North to track Monarch migration and report sightings.

The Audobon Society of Western PA had many interesting programs available to the public, including Make and Take: Create a Mason Bee House,  Citizen Science: Firefly Watch,and an upcoming Mothers’ Day Brunch and hummingbird feeder workshop. Find out more about their upcoming programs by visiting their programs page.

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